Paragon Backup and Recovery 14 Compact x86x64 [Latest]

Paragon Backup and Recovery 11 is a powerful and reliable application for backing up and restoring data, which is suitable for notebooks and laptops. The application quickly backup your files, folders, Windows, or even your entire hard drive on the carrier you choose. Home version will allow you to be confident that you can restore all your data, even if something goes wrong with your computer or hard drive. The program supports all the latest standards of HDD.

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Key Features:
• Perform quick one-time backups or create reliable set-and-forget backup tasks for your files and operating system.
• Automate backup routines by scheduling recurring operations.
• Define new strategies with custom backup parameters: backup type, interval/event, retention, scenario-based backup jobs to select “what” and “where”.
• The user-friendly Recovery Media Builder helps you prepare a WinPE-based bootable environment on a USB drive or as an ISO image. The recovery medium ensures your computer can always start up for maintenance or recovery should the OS fail or malfunction.

Disk Backup
• Save not only disk data but also system service structures
Differential Backup
• Save backup storage space by archiving only what’s changed since the last full sector-based image
Incremental Backup
• Back up modified data along with a full sector-based archive
Flexible Restore (in WinPE)
• Restore an entire disk, separate partitions, or only the files you need from previous backup images
Recovery Media
• Create a bootable USB Flash drive, CD, or DVD to recover your PC on demand
Easy Recalibration
• Restore contents of a 512-byte hard disk to a 4K hard disk with no additional input from your side
WinPE-based Recovery Environment
• Create a full-fledged Windows-based recovery environment stored on bootable media.

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1. Windows 10 All Edition.
2. Windows 8.1 All Edition.
3. Windows 8 All Edition.
4. Windows 7 All Edition.
5. Windows Vista All Edition.
6. Windows XP

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4. I am not responsibility if any problem regarding to install this program on your computer.

Download Links:-
Paragon Backup and Recovery 14 Compact x86
Paragon Backup and Recovery 14 Compact x64
Paragon Backup and Recovery Pro 17.4.3 x86
Paragon Backup and Recovery Pro 17.4.3 x64

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