Golden Software Surfer 16.5.446

Golden Software Surfer is one of the best application for your work hard gathering your data. Don’t settle for subpar visualization. Utilize Surfer’s extensive modeling tools to display your data the way it deserves while maintaining accuracy and precision. Clearly communicate information with Surfer. Discover the depths of your data with Surfer’s numerous analysis tools. Adjust interpolation and gridding parameters, assess the spatial continuity of data with variograms, define faults and breaklines, or perform grid calculations such as volumes, transformations, smoothing, or filtering. Surfer quickly transforms your data into knowledge.

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Key Features:-
• Model Data in Multi-Dimensions
• View point data in true 3D space
• Rotate your map
• Walk along the surface
• Adjust the vertical exaggeration
• Create and record fly-through videos to share with others
• LiDAR Point Clouds
• Create a point cloud from multiple LAS/LAZ files
• Remove, reclassify or crop to selected points
• Assign color by elevation, intensity, return number, or classification
• Select points interactively or by criteria
• Create a grid from the point cloud or export to LAS/LAZ
• Visualize all aspects of the data in the 3D view
• Surfer’s LAS/LAZ Filtering Options
• Spatial filtering based on XY bounds or elevation data limits
• Import every Nth point
• Import only the desired Return type or Classification values
• Import data with specified Source ID
• Flag filters such as scan direction, edge of flight, or synthetic, key, and withheld points
• Streamlined Workflows
• Welcome dialog to get you started
• Map wizard to quickly create maps and models
• Customize ribbon and quick access toolbar
• Dock or float all windows
• Single window to view, edit, and manipulate the data and maps
• Contents window to easily manage layers of maps and models
• Properties window for quick feature editing
• Worksheet window to view or edit raw data
• Enhance Maps & Models
• Add legends, cross sections, magnifiers, scale bars, and multiple axes
• Include headers and footers
• Apply linear or logarithmic color scales
• Adjust tilt, rotation, and field of view angle
• Edit all axis parameters
• Include graticule lines or another grid
• Combine or stack multiple maps
• Define custom line styles and colors
• Edit text, line, fill and symbol properties
• Add text, polylines, polygons, symbols, and spline polylines
• Include range rings
• Many more…
• Full Grid Control
• Directly edit the underlying grid data
• Calculate volume and area of grids
• Add, subtract, multiply, and divide grids
• Perform custom mathematical functions on grids
• Calculate differential and integral operations or Fourier and spectral analysis
• Convert areas to nodata
• Project grids from one coordinate system to another
• Mosaic multiple grids together seamlessly
• Transform, offset, rescale, rotate, or mirror grids
• Filter grids with high- and low-pass filters
• Extract smaller areas from a grid
• Subtract the Z in the grid from the original Z
• Edit Contours
• Perform free-hand contour editing
• Brush specific Z values across nodes
• Smooth contours
• Pull up or push down contours in specific areas
• Warp contour lines
• Erase parts of the contour map
• Find the Z value at any XY point location
• Grid Data with Certainty
• Surfer Interpolation Features
• Variogram models
• Anisotropy
• Kriging with external drift
• Faults and breaklines
• Control over search neighborhood size, shape, and constraints
• Data filtering
• Automatic data statistics
• Create grid files directly from contour polylines
• Grid to convex hull
• Duplicate handling
• Cross validation
• Control over output geometry and resolution
• Limit or clamp z-values
• Make Meaningful Decisions
• View, create, edit and delete object attributes using the convenient Attribute Table
• Calculate attribute values
• Query objects based on attribute values
• Perform Delaunay triangulation
• Reshape, simplify, smooth polylines, polygons, and grids
• Create buffers around points, polylines, and polygons
• Convert between polygons and polylines
• Create polygons by combining existing polygons
• Create points or polygons in intersecting areas
• Connect or break polylines at specified locations
• Combine and split islands
• Georeference images
• Work Seamlessly with all Coordinate Systems
• Over 2500 predefined coordinate systems
• Create custom coordinate systems
• Search coordinate systems by name or EPSG number
• Reproject coordinate systems
• Over 80 ellipsoids
• Over 45 predefined linear units
• Create custom linear units
• Add graticule or grid lines to view different coordinate systems on a map

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1. Windows 10 All Edition.
2. Windows 8.1 All Edition.
3. Windows 8 All Edition.
4. Windows 7 All Edition.
5. Windows Vista All Edition.
6. Windows XP

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