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ExamDiff Pro Master Edition is the program will help users to quickly and reliably compare two text files , you can also compare binary files and folders on Windows. For example you have two of the same document, you need to find the differences in them, simply specify the files and wait for the end of the comparison. It has a very intuitive user interface, it is fairly simple to use and provides you with all the tools you need for what you were able to perform the necessary work on a high level.

ExamDiff Pro Master EditionFeatures: – Click Here

Key Features:
• Compares text files, binary files, and directories.
• Performs two-way and three-way diff and merge.
• Highlights differences down to the level of lines, words or characters.
• Highlights document syntax.
• Fuzzy line matching.
• Ability to recognize moved text blocks.
• Automated directory synchronization.
• Line Inspector panel for easy recognition of differences within lines.
• Can perform full file comparison in a background task in directory comparison.
• Ability to add manual synchronization points to text file comparison.
• Compares directly from Windows Explorer.
• Allows file editing within file comparison panes.
• Allows copying, renaming, and deleting files or directories.
• Saves the file differences in a standard UNIX DIFF file or to a dynamic HTML web page.
• Prints and print previews diff reports.
• Easy navigation through the differences.
• Advanced Search features.
• Drag and drop support.
• Advanced Ignore options, for ignoring capitalization, white space, programming-language comments, and more.
• Word wrapping.
• Plug-in support.
• Drag and drop support.
• Can create directory snapshots for later comparison.
• Includes full Unicode support.
• Fully customizable.

• Perform code reviews and share diff reports with your colleagues
• Compare a local website to an FTP server using built-in plug-ins
• Visualize your code structure through syntax highlighting
• Compare Word, Excel, and PDF documents using built-in plug-ins
• Create directory snapshots for future comparison and archiving
• Compare from Windows Explorer using the built-in Shell extension
• Accurately compare executable files with binary comparison
• Synchronize files and folders between your PC and external media
• Quickly undo mistakes by comparing files with previous versions
• Perform 2-way and 3-way diff and merge (Master Edition only).

Home Page: – Click Here

1. Windows 10 All Edition.
2. Windows 8.1 All Edition.
3. Windows 8 All Edition.
4. Windows 7 All Edition.
5. Windows Vista All Edition.
6. Windows XP

Dear friends you have to successfully install this software on your computer or laptop. If you have to any problem regarding to installation process on your computer or laptop, then please you can share your problem and difficulty with me in the comment box. So I have to solve your problem regarding installation this software.

1. This Program Provided For Only Education Purposes.
2. This software provided only Testing Purposes.
3. If You Like This Program, Support Developers, Buy It! They Deserved It
4. I am not responsibility if any problem regarding to install this program on your computer.

Download Links:-
ExamDiff Pro Master Edition x86
ExamDiff Pro Master Edition x64
ExamDiff Pro MasterEdition
ExamDiff Pro MasterEdition
ExamDiff Pro MasterEdition
ExamDiff Pro Master Edition x86
ExamDiff Pro Master Edition x64
ExamDiff Pro Master Edition x86
ExamDiff Pro Master Edition x64
ExamDiff Pro Master Edition x86
ExamDiff Pro Master Edition x64

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