AppBlock Pro – Stay Focused 2.1.5 APK

AppBlock – Stay Focused is android application that helps you (its users) to block temporarily distracting applications on his mobile so that you can stay focused in school or your work. The blocker app can get activated for a precise time and date, and once the pre-set time duration gets over, the barring gets automatically over.

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How to use:

The app AppBlock – Stay Focused is really easy to use. After the download, you can select applications that may seem distracting while you are doing important jobs and keep their notification off for a certain time according to your preference. There is more:

– By using app blocker self-control app, you can temporarily block any application
– You can also temporarily block your email: for example, if you are on your weekend vacation, you can keep your email notifications off.
– You can select a time limit for using applications each day when a particular profile is activated. For example only 20 minutes of Facebook during working time or at school.
– If you don’t want to be able to change settings during blocking time, just use AppBlock Strict Mode which will help you with your self control
– If needed, you can also disable other notifications for a specific time to help you concentrate more on your office chore. (One important update: Notification blocking works from Android version 4.3).

App’s Features:

Take a look at the app blocker features of the AppBlock app and learn mores details about how this utility and privacy protector app works for your work-life balance:

– Block application launch: be choosy and selective about app launch,
– Select how long you want to spend in a particular application per day when a profile is active. No more than 15 minutes of Facebook in school or during working hours,
– Disable notifications from particular application: you can avoid unwanted communications,
– Create profiles with rules for groups of particular applications: you can impose restrictions of public profile,
– Use a timer and activate profiles for a selected time window,
– Protect your AppBlock application with a PIN code: it will enhance your security protocol and privacy configurations on your device,
– Boost your productivity
– List of blocked notifications, so you don’t miss anything
– Profile lock (unlock only when phone is connected to charger)
– Strict Mode

Dear friends you have to successfully install this software on your computer or laptop. If you have to any problem regarding to installation process on your computer or laptop, then please you can share your problem and difficulty with me in the comment box. So I have to solve your problem regarding installation this software.

1. This Program Provided For Only Education Purposes.
2. This software provided only Testing Purposes.
3. If You Like This Program, Support Developers, Buy It! They Deserved It
4. I am not responsibility if any problem regarding to install this program on your computer.

Download Links:-
AppBlock Premium – Stay Focused v1.2.3[APK]
AppBlock Pro – Stay Focused 2.1.5 APK

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