Alien Skin Exposure X4 v4.5.6.142×64 [Latest]

Alien Skin Exposure X4 Bundle is raw photo editor software for Windows and Mac. Alien Skin Exposure X4 Bundle is the award-winning RAW photo editor and organizer that enables you to create beautiful images and master your workflow. For over a decade, Exposure has helped photographers bring their images to life with unmatched creative tools. Exposure also offers powerful organizing tools, fast performance, an intuitive design, and a subscription-free approach. It’s the only software you need to handle all your photo editing work.

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Key Features:
• Improved shadow and highlight recovery to get the most detail from your images
• Fully adjustable light effects that can be freely rotated and moved
• Transform tools to easily correct tilted or skewed perspectives
• Smart collections
 that help you automatically organize your photo library
• Monitored folders for tethered shooting so you can edit and cull during a shoot
• X4.5 Update Look Up Table (LUT) support for adding new creative looks from industry standard LUT effects
• X4.5 Update Redesigned Copy Photos from Card tool adds visual browsing and selection of files to be copied
• X4.5 Update Configurable keyboard shortcuts ease access to frequently used tools.
• Exposure X4 is an advanced, non-destructive RAW editor. Its many features exist to help you master your workflow and create beautiful images as efficiently as possible.
• new Automatically populate collections based on criteria you specify
• new Organizational criteria – ratings, color labels, flags, and more
• new Photo criteria – camera make, capture time, exposure time, f-stop, and more
• new Metadata criteria – copyright, name, email, caption, keywords, and more
• new Editing criteria – edit time, has virtual copy, and more
• new Create Smart Collection from file list
• NEW Lightroom© Migration Tool
• new Lightroom folders are converted to Exposure bookmarks
• new Photo metadata is transferred to Exposure
• new Flag/Rating/Label
• newCopyright/Name/Email/Address/Title/Caption/Copy Name
• new Keywords
• new Collections
• new Orientation and Crop & Rotate
• new Lightroom-adjusted images can be exported alongside originals for reference
• Keywords
• Apply keywords to add descriptive tags to your photo
• Apply keywords during image copy
• Retain or remove keywords during image export
• Manage keywords and create keyword sets in the keyword library
• Import keyword sets from Lightroom
• Easily remove all keywords from a photo
• new Export a keyword set to Lightroom
• new Copy keywords to clipboard
• Collections
• Quickly group images, no matter where they appear on your computer
• Use subcollections for detailed categorization
• Designate a collection to be the Quick Collection to quickly add photos to it with a keystroke
• Optionally add all selected photos when creating a collection
• Side-by-side image comparison view
• Review multiple photos simultaneously to speed up image culling
• Link views to synchronize panning and zooming of multiple images
• Pin one or more images to keep them in view
• Flexible viewing options – Vertical, Horizontal, Columns, Rows, Quad, Six
• Review and edit photo metadata
• Title and Caption metadata fields
• new Create and apply metadata presets from the metadata panel
• new File size available in metadata panel and info overlay options
• new Collection information now shown in Metadata panel
• Add photo to collection via text entry or menu
• Navigate to collection

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1. Windows 10 All Edition.
2. Windows 8.1 All Edition.
3. Windows 8 All Edition.
4. Windows 7 All Edition.
5. Windows Vista All Edition.
6. Windows XP

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Alien Skin Exposure X4 v4.5.6.142×64

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